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Nin alf-kunnigr [userpic]

colourful life

May 6th, 2014 (02:47 am)
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I’ve got wonderful gift from silense in friday. It’s so, so beautiful! I feel so blessed having such talented, amazing friends <3 I was feeling still a little down from low mentally day before, and it made me so happy. Pure joy, just from looking at picture or thinking about it and beautiful soul present in my life who gave it to me. So it’s not only pleasure of having beautiful piece of art but that art is a reminder of kind, loving people around me (even when they’re away).

I got blender for birthday and I finally could include smoothies in my diet, it's great thing. I'm trying to write down every idea, so I can always have some inspirations ;-)

Apple, cucumber, rucola, kiwi, almonds and sesame

Spinach, rucola, kiwi, lemon juice, almonds, sesame and tumeric

Apple, carrot, mango, orange, cardamon, cinnamon, tumeric and ginger